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Filtration and Water Treatment
Filtration, Chemical Removal and Treatment, Heater, Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilization and Fluidized Bed Biofilter
Pond Fountain Outdoor Water Equipment
Vacuums and Nets, Fish Feeders for Outdoor Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls, Fish Hatcheries, etc.
Water Pumps
Water pumps 1/30th to 5 Horsepower, Pumping Capacity from 500 to 6,000 gallons per hour
Onsite - Outdoor Water Test Kits, Testers, Meters
Water Test Kits, Meters and Testers, Laboratory Water Testing Packs, and Thermometers
Parts, Repairs, Replacements
Individual Items Referenced in Product Line Drawings.
Environment and Recreation Water Test Kits
On site Rainbow Test Kits for on-site Water Testing of Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Ponds and other Nonpotable Water.
Drinking Water
Inexpensive QuickCheck Drinking Water Test Kits
Very Inexpensive... QuickCheck Drinking Water Test Kits Provide Semi-quantitative Results
Drinking Water Laboratory Testing AnswerPaks
Selected Tests are Grouped as AnswerPaks for Certified Drinking Water Testing in Our Laboratory
Drinking Water Filtration
Whole House and Point of Use Drinking Water Filters, Countertop, Undersink and Refrigerator Water Filtration
Replacement Drinking Water Filters
Full Variety of Replacement Drinking Water Filter Cartridges for Home and Office
Establish Baseline Water Quality
To Establish a Monitoring Program, Review your Historical Water Data and Determine Baseline Water Quality Levels.
Setup Water Monitoring Program
Choosing Specific Tests to Setup a Water Monitoring Program that Fits the Budget.
Monitoring Water Quality Trends
Tracking Water Quality Trends Requires a Scheduled Sampling Program
Commercial Water Conservation
Water Conservation can be intgrated into programs to save water and money
Water Planning
Water planning covers monitoring, conservation, quality and security
Professional Training and Workshops
On-Site and On-Line Training and Support
Science Fair - links in this category take you to our science fair center website - sciencefaircenter.com - in a new window.
Science Fair Project Water Test Kits
Safe, Easy and Economical Way to Test Water by elementary, middle and high school students using special test strips. Single and Combination kits.
Water Chemistry Kits
More Advanced Wet Chemistry Test Kits using Drop Count, Color Match and Burette Titration for accurate water analyses. Portable and Lab.
Classroom Water Meters, Testers and Probes
Battery Operated Water Meters, Testers, and Probes are Cost Effective Water Testing for Students, Teacher and Classroom Projects. Handheld. Portable.
Water Thermometers
Water Thermometers produce valuable water data in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Standard, Digital and Alert.
Environmental and Recreation Water Test Kits
On-site Rainbow Test Kits are available for Water Testing of Common Parameters. Outdoor and Recreational waters.
Water Treatment Experimental Kits
Test Water Pollution and Effects of Filtration, Carbon, Water Softener and Ion Exchange Media on Water Purification.
Water Education
Water Treatment Information
Water use establishes the method of treatment to meet required levels of purity and quantity
Water Testing Information
Choose specific tests that help you determine contaminant levels and establish an effective monitoring program
Classroom Water and Environmental Test Kits
Single and Multiple Parameter Test Kits for Water and Soils Testing
Classroom Water Meters, Testers and Probes
Economical, Durable and Simple to Use Handheld Instruments
Science Projects with Water and Soils Testing
Science Kits for School Projects Involving Water Soils and the Environment
Water Security
Water Supply Integrity
Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System Site Security Monitoring
Water Quality Protection
Baseline and QC Water Performance Monitoring Systems
Professional Training and Workshops
On-Site and On-Line Training and Support
Related Research and Development
Several Examples of projects are available.
Water Testing
QuickCheck Water Test Kits
Inexpensive… Fast - Simple - Semi-quantitative Water Testing in Single and Combination Kits
Water Testing Kits by Parameter
Water Test Kits using Drop Count, Color Match and Burette Titration
Battery Operated Meters, Testers, Controllers
Inexpensive Hand Held Meters and Instruments Using Electrodes and Probes
Water Testing AnswerPaks
Selected Laboratory Tests are Grouped into AnswerPaks for Certified Testing in Our Laboratory.
List of Approved Laboratory Water Tests
Full List of Laboratory Tests for Drinking Water, Commercial and Environmental Water and Soil Analyses
Water Treatment
Economical Water Treatment
Applications are Water Wells, Spas and Hot tubs, Whole House, Agriculture, Drip Irrigation, Green Houses, Plating, Beverages and Syrups
Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer
Effective Non-chemical Methods of Contoling Biological Contamination
Ozone Sterilization and Oxidation
Ozone Combined with Other Filtration make a Variety Contaminant Removal Simple and Possible
Reverse Osmosis Systems and Membranes
A Favorite Treatment for Water with high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from 500 ppm Upwards, Brackish and Sea Water
Complete Water Packages
Harmsco and Cascadia Packaged Systems
Special Designs
Fish and Shrimp Water Quality, Hydroponic Experiments and Ozone Testbeds
Water Filters - links in this category take you to our water center filters website - watercenterfilters.com - in a new window.
Sediment Filters
Standard and Big Blue Sediment Water Filter Sizes, Spun Polypropylene, High Efficiency Polypropylene Water Filters.
Taste Odor Sediment Water Filters
Taste Odor and Sediment - Carbon Block Granulated Activated Carbon GAC Water Filters
Specialty Filter Cartridges
Iron Reduction
Oil Adsorbing
Phosphate Crystal
Water Softening
Filter Housings - Single Filter
Standard Water Filter Housings
Big Blue Filter Housings
Slim Line Filter Housings
Valve in Filter Head Housings
Natural Pure Poly Filter Housings
High Temperature Filter Housings
Filter Housings - Multiple Filters
A variety of water filtration housings and fiter cartridges to choose from. Combination centrifugal and up-flow cartridge filters for easy installation, removal and service. Skid mounted filtration systems reduce labor and installation costs.
Filter Bags and Assemblies
Bag Filters and Filter Bag Vessel Assemblies.
Filtration Treatment Components
Softners, Multiple Media, Ozone, Ultra Violet UV, Reverse Osmosis, Desalination
Commercial and Industrial Filtration
A variety of water filtration housings and fiter cartridges to choose from. Combination centrifugal and up-flow cartridge filters for easy installation, removal and service. Filter media, ozone, UV ultraviolet, water softners, reverse osmosis and filter presses. Skid mounted filtration systems reduce labor and installation costs.
Installation Service Repair Parts
Mounting Brackets
Spanner Wrenches
Filter Housing Caps
Filter Housing Sumps
Bag Vessel Parts
UV Replacements
Miscellaneous Items

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